Iowa OLR Workshop: Thursday afternoon, March 31, 2022

Iowa User's Conference: Friday, April 1, 2022

The Iowa Infinite Campus User Group is for all districts who use Infinite Campus as their Student Information System (SIS) in Iowa.

The group is governed by an Advisory Board whose mission is to leverage the expertise of Infinite Campus users in Iowa by enhancing communication between districts as well as government entities.

The board will coordinate staff development experiences and serve as a vehicle for support, sharing, and feature requests in partnership with Infinite Campus and Computer Information Concepts (CIC) to enhance the experience of all Infinite Campus users in the state of Iowa.

Join the Conversation!

Do you have questions about a particular tool? Need help with the Schedule Wizard? Want to know how other districts track a particular piece of data? Want to know if a district has a script for automating a task? Ask IC users across Iowa for help or advice. For general questions, post to the IA IC Google Group. If you're an SQL user, check out the SQL Group!